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Animal role plays realistic / Re: Wolf den
« Last post by Starbucks Master on September 15, 2014, 09:46:15 am »
Name: Satan's Promise
Nickname(s): Shamu
Age: 5 Years
Gender: Brute
Rank: Hunter
Wanted Rank: Doesn't care
Personality: Shamu has a very can't do attitude. This wolf has inherited the harsh exterior that was bestowed onto him by his parents. He can be extremely serious when on duties but relaxed during the times spent with the pack. Shamu is very isolated and tends to observe rather than communicate with the other wolves but is certainly approachable. He is compassionate if and when he wants to be, although this is never done towards brutes as he expects them to be strong like himself.
History: Shamu's mother and farther were both loner wolves and loved each other very much. He was born with one sister and a twin brother. Him and his brother were different from each other. He blamed Shamu for everything since he was always the good little pup, out of all of them. One day when they were about two years old, his sister and brother were sent out to find food and bring it back to them but instead of them coming back, they were killed by hunters. Shamu, his father and mother saw it happen right on front of them. After a while he jumped out thinking the hunters were gone, but they weren't. His mother and farther protected him by blocking him, saving him. They were both shot and before they died, they told Shamu to run and be free. So that's what he did. Since then he had ran and found the pack, swearing to protect it.
Crush: Catch his eye
Mate: No and he doesn't plan of having one soon.
Pups: He doesn't have any.
Markings or Scars: He has a few from practicing fighting.


Name: Avarosa
Nickname(s): She just likes to be called Avarosa
Age: 3 1/2 Years
Gender: Fae
Rank: Loner
Wanted Rank: She doesn't wish to have one
Personality: Avarosa is a fairly shy mare for the first part. She loves to be surrounded by trees all alone. She will never be the one to go out and be a social butterfly. Avarosa likes it by herself and if she does happen to find a friend, she would cherish them with all of her heart.
History: Avarosa was born in South Dakota in a pack where she was the omega's pup. She was born into a litter of two other pups, which adds up to three pups including her. She had two brothers, Juraco and Damon. They were her only friends since there were any other puppies her age to play with except them. She went through tough training to become something her mother could never be. However, when Avarosa was a little under a year old, a group of hunters came into the pack's territory killing off most. Only a few of them escaped including Damon and Avarosa. For the most part Damon and her stayed together trying to find a place to fit in. They came across several packs, but they wouldn't accept Damon for he wanted to be the alpha in every pack they found. Getting discouraged she finally left her brother trying to find a pack that would take her in. Avarosa's whole attitude changed from a social peace-keeping omega to an rebellious independent loner.
Crush: Doesn't have one, nor does she want one
Mate: Why have a mate with no crush?
Pups: Yes. Being alone for 3 years definitely means she has a mate
Markings or Scars: She doesn't have any
Other: I'm using my own signup ^-^ and I'm making a few more
Forum games / Re: Win a custom wolf
« Last post by Wolfsong on May 09, 2014, 02:00:53 pm »
Forum games / Re: Win a custom wolf
« Last post by Supercherrypie77 on May 06, 2014, 05:53:32 am »
I have done lines for the wolf :)
Other websites / Re: CS
« Last post by Wolfsong on April 23, 2014, 08:14:10 pm »
Sorry, doesn't count...
Animal role plays realistic / Re: Wolf den
« Last post by Wolfsong on April 18, 2014, 06:32:01 pm »
Accepted, haha I have wolf play too!
Iceclan / Re: Iceclan forest (hunting grounds)
« Last post by Wolfsong on April 18, 2014, 06:30:58 pm »
I hissed and swiped, pushing shadowtail behind me.
Other websites / Re: CS
« Last post by Supercherrypie77 on April 10, 2014, 06:10:05 am »
 It's a Christmas pony I think I found it on a friends account probably not the right date but I can't find it's name sorry username: supercherrypie77

Other websites / Re: CS
« Last post by Supercherrypie77 on April 10, 2014, 06:06:00 am »
Wow that one is hard none of my friends have it  ???
Terrarium deers- how cute!!!!!
- Bambi, male.

Did i add the first one? who cares! Cure winged kitty adopts!
-Flame, male.
-Violet, female.
-Flower, female.
-hopefully getting 3 more and have applied for 2 to be bred!!!-

Clover Forest pets!! Awhh<3
-Firestorm, male.

Nyan kitten!
-Harry.P, male.

Cat City adopt!
-Tabs, female.

Dralons adopts! Love 'em!
-Stormy, female.
-LilyPad, female.
-Getting one or two, hopefully-

OMG i love paws-pops! They start as bottles!
-Blueberry Sprinkles, male.

My bug dragon from the garden of bug dragons!<3
-Fang, male.

These are from the Lykotari adopt, previously LTW.
-River, female.
-CheekyBoy, male.
-Pups of River and Cheeky, Tribal Princess, female, and Stream-Chest, male. Will grow up.

Paws n' Claws! How cute is this zebra dog!
-Zeebra, male.

I think that is it :/ LOL
Clickable spam / Re: Dragon cave
« Last post by Starbucks Master on April 02, 2014, 11:04:00 pm »

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