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Author Topic: Posting and signature rules  (Read 39 times)

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Posting and signature rules
« on: March 05, 2014, 01:50:04 pm »
Okay, I am just going through simple guidelines here:

-Post entire story's. Okay, you are role playing. I don't want my mods or I have to read posts that are 1000 words, as we have to read most posts to keep them appropriate
-Over-swear. I am allowing swearing, but don't overdo it, Kay?
- make any exceptionally racist, rude or sexist comments.
-NO OPEN FLIRTING. I don't want users to feel exposed, violated or mentally scarred
-don't post in appropriate pictures. Seriously, this is an auto delete account rule.
-don't make your sigg too long or complicated
-don't spam.

-feel free to post your opinions
-have brackets around OC in roleplay topics
-post in any literate level. But please, 'I don't care' is much better than 'Dunn care flipp off'

I will add more later.

This thread is not locked as I want you to post suggestions. I will lock it later on and delete the posts.
If you, love somebody
Better tell them while they're here cause
They just may run away from you
(Imaging dragons)
Should I just give up?
You say youíre fine about a thousand times
But those are your words not mine
So tell me why would you lie?
Iíll admit my mistakes
Iíll wait as long as it takes
You are everything I wanted but my heart still aches
(Lotr, these hearts). 
I am lost,
I am torn apart,
In the pouring rain.
Life with a broken heart,
A storm of pain.
(Edited by me)
If love is just a game
Why is it that I canít let you go?
Iíll never be the same
I just want to let you know
I donít want to live without you
(Last man alive, these hearts)
A wind of thought flows through my mind
With it comes aggression
Peace I cannot find
I try to control my feelings
I burst out crying
My life is peeling
I wish that I was dying
Darkness, depression
A wind of thought flows through my mind
With it comes aggression
Peace I cannot find
(With the wind comes the rain)


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