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Lions den

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Vallar Morgulahs:
This role play is about a group of lions fighting others and trying to be king of the jungle but they are also are trying to keep themselves and friends alive in the process. Btw on character at a time because people get confused. Btw there a social powers

Vallar Morgulahs:
Looks: orange and red Maine  with black strips through the Maine. Nice to most creatures but if they try to hurt him or family he won't hesitate to rip people to shreds!!
Power: psychic powers e.g can read or control a person / persons mind.

Type:cape lion
Looks: the cape lion is often distinguished by their thick black mane and light fur, however, the females are mostly dark coloured. Shadow has silky black fur and piercing green eyes. She is small but has long legs. She controls the fire aspect of necromancy

Vallar Morgulahs:
Yeah awesome do you have a special power



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