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Title: Admin application
Post by: Vallar Morgulahs on March 06, 2014, 11:42:10 am
Name: iluvatar
Forum name: iluvatar
Why: because I am always on and I'm always trying to improve the website and I have been giving ideas and opening forums for the  other people on this website. I've have invested allot of time an effort already to make sure everything is running smoothly and if it's not I then tell the admins.
Time: I spend pretty much most of my day making sure everything is running smoothly  and I'm on it all night sometimes even up until 2-3 in the morning Evan though I have school and other activities the next day one of the main reasons I won't be on is that I have other commitments to attend to. Also the reason I spend so much time on this is because it's a awesome and fantastic job that's very enjoyable
Who can reference: for starters the website should tell you how much time I've spent on the website already. Another reference is chozoworrior as she usually sees that I'm on in my free time.
Other websites: I have spent allot of time on chikensmoothie and roll playing in ack PAC dragon cave and a few other role plays. The link is
Title: Re: Admin application
Post by: Wolfsong on March 06, 2014, 12:18:12 pm
Could you please fix your spelling and grammer
Title: Re: Admin application
Post by: John Freeman on March 07, 2014, 08:56:18 am
Yes, fix the spelling/grammar. Will review at a later date when more admins are required.