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Author Topic: Kill or be Killed... ||WIP, NOT ACCEPTING||  (Read 55 times)

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Kill or be Killed... ||WIP, NOT ACCEPTING||
« on: March 07, 2014, 07:58:04 am »

Long, long ago, God was unhappy. There was no life, no fun, no nothing. Suddenly he had a good idea. 'I will create a whole bunch of worlds,' he thought. He spread out his hands and said, "nine". Nine balls of different sizes, colours and temperatures. One planet intrigued him. 'I shall call this Earth,' he thought. Land patches were anchored to the core and water filled in the gaps. He decided it needed life. He then created different types of animals. Something was missing. He created something different than all the others. One with logic. One with knowledge. One that could take car of all the others. When he had created a whole population, he let himself be known to them all and told them what to do.
When the world was created and complete, life lived happily. Until one day someone someone stepped forward. She declared that his rules were unfair and cruel and she refused to follow them. God was angry. He banished her and all other disbelievers to a new world. Hell. They became undead, they needed blood to survive. They could not enter rooms without being invited in. They could not curse or swear. They were Liliths children. The vampires.
One day, the world had been running for over 1,000 years. Vampires got bored of living forever in their evil world. They discuised themselves as humans, using magic to make their fangs only come out when they were hungry. They returned to earth, living among the humans, making more vampires by biting and sharing blood. They hid it by using their Powers. Vampires have lived among humans for millenniums. This will continue, right?

Hello. This is Raziels clan. We call ourselves the Desire clan. Traditionally, most vampire clans are called something like Blood clan or something. We are not just any clan, though. We live in a castle, a magical one. Its in the middle of a city. When you look at the picture of it, you wonder why all the people aren't taking pictures of the castle! Thats because it is disguised as a run down church that is always closed. If anyone (a human or animal) walks into the hotel, they become food. Well, at least their blood does. We are quite a successful clan, and hardly any others try dealing stupid deals or starting wars with us. We were created back in... Well all i know is that the Romans were ruling. Anyway, if you want to join, you better be good!

Hey! We are a group of Hunter-Slayers, which is a group of people who hunt demonic things, especially vampires. Our particular group is called NNQ (No nightmares quarter). Our current boss is A.T.Maxx. We have been running for centuries, destroying mostly vampire nests. You dont have to be related to this family, if you want to join you go through tests and then you get an injection of some special blood that makes you more agile, e.c.t and makes you a part of our family. Please join, we are planning to tackle the big vampire nest- The Desire Castle.


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